Stone Rose Soaps
Bath time Bakery

Stone Rose Soaps is a very small family-based business dedicated to making bath time treats. Our soaps are designed to pamper the senses and bring a smile to your face with enchanting aromas, delicious looking products, original designs and top quality ingredients.

While our soaps are beautiful and decorative,  I have designed my recipes to be skin loving and nutrient rich, for this reason it’s best to use the soap in the first year. Please don’t be afraid to use them because happen to be decorative, they look great on your shelf but more importantly these are made with the benefits to your skin in mind and fragrances lose their lustre over time.

We are very passionate about creating environmentally and socially ethical and sustainable products while not compromising on quality. We only purchase from reputable suppliers within New Zealand as we are very passionate about supporting local artists. Each batch is precisely measured out for maximum aromatic effect without causing irritation to the skin.
We are a small family business who are dedicated to making fabulous bathroom products with a twist. Bath time need not be boring and your bathroom doesn't have to be the neglected area of the house. It is where we pamper ourselves and renew our spirit which is why we concentrate on making it your favourite part of the day!