About Us

Luxury, well-crafted bath and body products.

We are a family business based in Auckland. We make handmade goods backed by years of hands-on experience and thorough research. Although we are a small business this means more time and care is taken to produce the products you buy. There is no conveyor belt, industrial machines or anything that could be called mass-produced. Quality comes first for us. We strive to make the very best bath bombs & hand-piped tops. We craft, mold, knead, and roll everything by hand.

One of our core values is premium customer service. You will always come first. If you aren’t satisfied, neither are we! Our ingredients are sourced from other Kiwi businesses and we believe in ethical work practices - we buy local, sustainable and fair trade.

Our ingredients are selected carefully. Every ingredient we choose to use in our products is well-researched and tested. We are very grateful to the support of our customers and every day we realise just how lucky we are that our customers trust and continue to support us by purchasing and enjoying and sharing our products.

Thank you to our loyal customers.

Janine & Family.