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Laundry Soap

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70 gram stain remover stick.
This comes at a fantastic price point!
All natural 100% Coconut oil. This is great at removing stains particularly around collars and cuffs but works for other stains too. This goes back to the most basic days and is even unscented to keep the price point as low as possible. At this price and how natural it is, it's a steal.
This stick/stain remover has a 0% super fat so it is absolutely not ideal for skin. Stain removal only.

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Hydroxide (all eaten up with the process of saponification) and coconut oil. That's it. Nothing fancy just a good old cleaning bar! It will last for ages. We could add lots of fancy things, but truthfully coconut oil doesn't need it!

* Biodegradable packaging
* Vegan
* Fragrance Free
* All Natural
* Back to basics